Saturday, September 25, 2004

fun stuff last of my friends just turned 22, so we had a night of board games and food and general amusement. we tried this hilarious game called cults across america...but too many cooks spoiled the pot, and we have to try it again with less players, and less geeky-gaming newbies. (i know...i'm a geeky board gamer. scary, isn't it.) after that i went home and talked to my boyfriend for half an hour or so, which was nice. i didn't get to talk on the phone with him thursday night, so it was beautiful to hear his voice again. ::blushes:: i just hope he's feeling better today...

after that, i thought i was going to go to bed, but another friend of mine called me and said i should come to the frisbee party. i hadn't been to a big loud party in a against my better judgment, and despite the fact that i'm a college grad now, i went to the party. it turned out being lots of fun...drank some, ran into a lot of people i knew, happy stuff. then, after that party started to get so crowded that we could hardly move, we moved on to DU for a while, since they were having a party. the great thing about orientation frat parties is that you don't have to pay to get into them...we hung out there for a while, drank a couple drinks, and then went home. it feels kind of silly to say that i went to college parties after i graduated, but there's nothing wrong with that. i'm a recent enough grad, and they were full of people i knew. although...they were also full of first years, and they all look so YOUNG!!! the frisbee party had some first years, but more older folks that i knew...but DU made me feel like a grandmother. old, old, old.'s going to be a happy day. i've decided it's going to be a nicky-goes-out-on-the-town-alone kind of day. i'm hungry, so i'll eat here in hyde park, but then it's off to andersonville. i haven't been up there alone, just to meander, in way too long...which is sad, because i heart andersonville. don't know how long i'm going to stay up there, probably most of the day since it takes forever to get up there (and since it's already half past noon...eek!!!), but it will be a really nice, centering day for me. and maybe i'll come home with some fun books or other swag. :)

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