Tuesday, September 07, 2004

for about a week or two now, there has been a sidebar on blogger, about how to turn your blog into a source of revenue. apparently you can get paid when people click on ads in your blog, it's a new program through google. i'm wondering what the market for that is. i bet very few personal blogs, blogs like this one, would want ads on them. sure, i didn't care all that much when there used to be ads on the tops of the blogspot blogs...they were rather unintrusive. still, i was happy to see them go away and be replaced by the blogger toolbar. now, i bet the new ads won't be all that intrusive...but i still think it would be silly to advertise things on a personal blog. i'm sure corporate blogs, or big blogs with lots of visitors and lots of bandwidth costs might profit from particilating in adsense, but i can't imagine there are all that many such blogs compared to the random personal blogs that litter the web.

blogs that have no real business advertising. blogs like this one. blogs that don't mean a darn thing.

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