Tuesday, September 21, 2004

...and now the law school is full of new 1L's. law school orientation starts today. it's nice to finally see the law school coming back to life, although that means it's going to get a little harder to get a common-room computer on which to play online poker. i'm still glad that i'm not diving headlong into law school right after undergrad, but i'm finally starting to feel a stirring in me to get my paws on some applications, get my LSDAS file in order, and apply to law school. i even have my list of law schools pretty well winnowed down in my head, which ones are my choice schools (chicago, wash u, maybe northwestern) and what schools might be decent safeties and all that. then again, geographic matters make it pretty darn easy, since i don't want to leave this general corner of the world...i heart the midwest, i have many facets of my life in order here. paying the application/LSDAS fees is going to suck a lot, and i'm going to have to get over my fear of asking for recommendations (why would any self-respecting person want to write this flake of chaff a recommendation anyway?), and i'm going to have to write more essays than i have to shake a stick at, but it's all for a noble goal--having my butt in a seat in a good law school a year from now.

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