Wednesday, September 22, 2004

actual IM conversation between me and my boyfriend earlier today...i love that boy!!!!!

me: how are you?
him: doin fine
me: you?
him: alright...they had stuffed giordano's pizza for lunch
me: that makes me happy :) yay for my favourite food
him: awesome!
me: although i'll bet my bottom dollar that within the hour i'll be in food coma, hardcore
him: heehee
me: ::zzzzzz::
him: ::yyyyyy:: ::xxxxxxx:: ::wwwwww::
me: LOL!!!!!!!
me: :)
me: you amuse me, dear
him: glad I do dear
me: wondering what ::yyyyyyyyy::could signify, though
me: beyong being a string of the letter before z
him: damnit! you've found it out
me: ::yyyyyyyyyy:: are you being so silly?
him: because that is what you ::xxxxxx::pect
me: ::uuuuuuuuuu:: are the silliest person ever

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