Wednesday, August 11, 2004

oh dear...7:30 and i'm already at work. so early. then again, last night is definitely one of those nights where i got a short sleep...and therefore i have a false sense of alertness this morning. by one or two this afternoon, though, i'm going to be fading away. at least i get off work at 3:30--i need that 'cause i leave o'hare at 7:05 this evening. direct flight to vegas, baby!!! :) i can't wait for that at all...i packed last night, and i'm bringing all these cute clothes. vegas is definitely a fun place to wear fun of my friends on the trip wants to go clubbing one night, so i brought some skirts. i haven't decided if i'm going to wear my shiny blue princess skirt for clubbing, and then wear my plaid slutty schoolgirl shirt one day just out to gamble, or if i'm going to do it the other way around. it probably will be the princess skirt for clubbing, since i think it would be super funny to wear the slut skirt to the poker tournament at the luxor on friday night. oh well, i've got time. what matters right now is that my flight lands at mccarran at about ten minutes to nine tonight. i'm going to grab my checked bag, drop my stuff off at new york new york, and then just go out and go crazy. i think everyone but my boyfriend will already be there tonight; he gets there tomorrow, and i'm going to meet him at the airport. this should be such a fun weekend...i just need to slog through this long, long day of work first.

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