Wednesday, August 18, 2004

life is looking pretty good right now.

last night, although my team didn't win any money, we didn't tank the bonus round at pub trivia--we got eight right out of ten, and weren't too far back.

then i went to play poker, and ended up ahead $37.25. no-limit hold 'em, seven-stud high-low, omaha high-low, deuce-to-seven lowball...didn't matter what we were playing, i was winning money. :) had a little scare when i went out early on a lucky river card at no-limit hold 'em after buying in for $20...realised that bankroll was low for the way everyone was playing, bought in for $40 more, and turned that $40 into almost $100. i've got a few nice little poker stories...
one was really funny, there was this one guy that kept going into pots with me when we were playing omaha. we'd both bet a lot of money because we both had decent high hands--both times he won the high hand, but i'd take the low and we'd just end up splitting the pot. i was a little bummed on one of the hands...there were two clubs on the flop, and there was a jack and a seven. my hand was jack (not a club), seven (not a club), and then ace and some random low card of clubs. i had top two pair and a nut-flush draw, had some low cards--a beautiful chance to scoop. i flipped over my cards, he flipped his--he had trip fours (two in the pocket, one on the board). i was hoping for a club--it didn't fall, but at least i raked in a low hand for half the pot. he was pissed.

the other stories have to do with hold 'em. one hand, i had 6-9 offsuit. i was big blind and didn't have to put any more than a buck or so in over my $.50 blind, so i saw the flop...the guy who raised was big stack, and he'd been bluffing like a wild man all night, stealing blinds and all. the flop came 5-7-9--it paired my nine, and gave me an inside straight draw. i fired away to try and steal the pot, betting three bucks on a pot that was only probably about $2.50. the guy who raised preflop called me, which didn't surprise me because he was sitting on a load of chips. it crossed my mind he might have a high pocket pair, but the odds were against it, and i wanted to call his bluff. he didn't raise me, so that eased my mind. the next card was higher than a nine, but i decided why not, let's bet three more dollars. he called. the river comes--it's the eight i need to make my straight. i bet $10, and he got the most confused look on his face. he spent two minutes deciding whether or not to call. he begs me to show me at least one card of mine before he decided to call or not...i don't do that stuff, so i sat back and revelled in his confusion. finally he decided not to call, and he said he was wondering what the heck i had, since i had been playing all the time like i had something already (i wouldn't bet THAT much on nothing but an inside straight draw!), and then on the river i played like i had a six. the confusion amused me so much that i showed him my cards after i folded--showed him i had the pair, and then made the straight on the river. yay for random cards on the big blind that end up doing me well.

my other story was the last pot of the night, another no-limit hold 'em hand. i had jack and some other random card of spades. the guy to my left went all-in after the flop--he had almost no chips, he really had no other choice. the guy to my right calls, and so do i--i had paired my jack, and i had the flush draw. the turn comes, i didn't make my flush. i bet a little, he called. the river comes, and i did make my flush. the guy to my right bet, and i raise him all-in. he calls. he flips over his straight. i flip over my flush. the guy to my left didn't even show, must have had a pair or something. there were only four people left, and i had just taken two of them we broke for the night. the guy who went all-in on the straight was the same guy i kept splitting omaha pots was rather funny because i kept getting the best of him. i love poker.

today's shaping up to be a pretty decent day too. i'm tired from the poker, but oh well. i don't care. i got to work, and one of the librarians brought a bunch of menswear we could rifle through and take. i found a shirt, a suit, and a tie that look like they'll work on me, so i took them...i sure hope they do work, because it'll be awesome to finally have an honest-to-God men's suit. i heart dressing in drag.

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