Monday, August 09, 2004

finally back from the first of my two vacations...i'm feeling good. being at work sucks, and i miss my sweetheart like absolutely crazy, but it was such a fun, relaxing week. he's the sweetest, most adorable, most fun guy ever...and the more time i spend with him, the more time i want to. at least i get to see him again on thursday...i fly t0 las vegas on wednesday, and he flies in on thursday. :) that means i get thursday and friday to hang out with him...he's staying there 'til sunday, but i'm leaving on saturday morning. guess i have to slog through three days of work until then, but it shouldn't be so bad with my new CD player and the fact that i've just spent the last week vacationing.

i might post more later, if i see fit...i should get my coffee and go back to the basement. my break's in half an hour, anyway. this is more of an i'm bored/i'm not dead post anyway.

and an excuse to think of...someone. :) not that i need an excuse anyway.

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