Monday, August 16, 2004

as you can probably tell from the fact that i'm posting again, i'm back from vegas. :) i got back saturday night, and all in all it was a really, really fun trip. i actually came out ahead on gambling this time...i won about $250, the vast majority of it (about $200) from playing poker. i played lots and lots of poker with my boyfriend, and some of the other people on the trip also played quite a bit of was great to have so many of us playing. :) made for some fun times at the when my boyfriend and i kept raising and reraising each other, only to split the pot with a full house. that was the funniest poker occurrence ever, and we both about died laughing when that happened. we also all played quite a bit of blackjack...i did okay on my own, but it was especially nice once i used the strategy card that my boyfriend brought. :) (i have some mind for blackjack, but not as much as for poker...although i'm finally getting the hang of most of it.)
i'm rather pissed off at the luxor, though...they said they were having a 40-person, $25 buy-in no limit texas hold 'em tourney friday night, so the six of us on the trip were going to play. we were all looking so forward to it. i get there with my boyfriend, and they tell us to get in the line. then, they announce some gibberish...that ends up meaning that the sign-up was actually elsewhere. all the people already at tables cut in front of us and bought in--then they proceeded to tell us that they had changed it to a 9 person, $50 buy-in satellite. we were pissed. i hate that casino...last time i went to vegas i lost a lot of money playing poker there, and this time they change their tournament on a dime and screw us all over. just not cool.

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