Monday, May 24, 2004

...a few days without my blog. still, the weekend was so good. lazy friday was indeed rejuvenating, and then one of my friends had a birthday party. it was, to say the least, a drunken good time. lots of people were there, it was loud and rambunctious and just plain awesome. i can't remember going to a party that good in a long, long time. sadly, i also can't remember being that drunk in a long, long time...but i guess that was part of the fun of it, right?? :)

the next morning was...interesting. i was a little hung over from the party--and i had to play in a mock trial softball game at 1pm. i get to the game--and all but one of our players is hung over, and almost all of their hangovers are because they had boozed it a little too much at that same birthday party. oh well...we realized this fact and had a darn good laugh about it, and then we set off to play softball against the law students in the mud (it had been raining, and continued to rain during our game.)

the game was hilarious, to say the very least. both teams were sliding around in the mud, and got very, very dirty during the course of the game. but, our performance was a throwback to last year (when we were winless)...and we lost, 21-3. we didn't care all that much, though, since we were having a great time playing in the game. afterwards, we took a team picture with all of us covered virtually head to toe in mud. was time to hunker down and get ready for the mock trial cocktail party. one of my friends and i were responsible for getting the drinks, so we went out to buy them...and i ended up sinking way more money than i could really afford on them. it kind of sucks, because now i'm so freaking broke and it's pathetic, but we needed booze for the mock trial cocktail, and it was being held where i lived, right? let's just say...i'm praying that last installment of my student loan comes in soon, not only so i can graduate on time, but so i can have the overage on the loan payment, and use it to pay back my security deposit money, and to pay rent, and to not be completely wiped out after paying such expenses. either that, or i'm praying that i win INSANELY big in las vegas this :)

after getting ready, cleaning up, buying booze, and all, the party finally started. people started showing up around 8, and it was in full swing by 9 or 9:30. all in all, it was a really great party...the cooking was amazing, everyone seemed to be having a good time...and it was great to get lots of mockers together again. not all the mockers came, but most of them did...and it was just plain fun. it wasn't as rowdy as the night before, but that's was a dressy occasion, and i'm sure no one was really dying to be rowdy since the previous evening's party (which many of the mockers went to) was so absolutely insane.

after the party, i went to was great because i didn't have to go anywhere. the next morning, i did a little cleaning up (clearing out the empties, that kind of thing...), but i didn't have the patience or the wherewithal to clean up ALL of it then. besides, a friend of mine was in town, and i wanted to go hang out with her. it was so much fun...we met up downtown and just went shopping on the magnificent mile. i hadn't done it in was great to spend the entire day with her, just shopping and hanging out and talking about random stuff. such a wonderful day, i'm so glad that we got in touch and got together. the shopping trip is the other reason that i'm pretty strapped for cash right now, but...let's just say i'm happy with my purchases. :)

so, that's what i've been up to was just a blah day at work. but, i now don't have to go to work for another week--since tomorrow i'm going to kansas and wednesday i'm going to las vegas. it'll be such an amazing week...i get to see my wonderful boy again, and goof off with him for almost an entire week!! i also get to meet his family...which i'm a little nervous about, but i'm hoping they'll like me.

Friday, May 21, 2004

so lazy. i know i shouldn't, since i'm going to be in vegas next week, but i begged off work today because i was tired, and because i have a few errands to run on campus today.

true to form, though, i'm not running said errands yet. i'm goofing around on the computer, tlaking online to people. it's so nice to be lounging around and being lazy...i feel a little guilty, but not guilty enough to be responsible and go to work. :)

Thursday, May 20, 2004

ah, the scavhunt story. i still haven't gotten any further than friday afternoon. i've got a good chunk of time to kill before the poker tourney i'm playing in tonight,'s time to continue the story of scav in this blog.

so, where i last left off, it was friday morning, about 11am, and the judges were amused that we had done something other than sit on our butts while we were handcuffed together. the handcuff was also so tight around my teammate's wrist that it was about to cut off her circulation, and the judges said they'd loosen the cuff. one of them melted the wax out of the keyhole, and starts picking at the lock (since they had left the keys at one of the judges' apartments.)

they had no luck whatsoever. they tried several implements on a swiss army knife. they tried a pen. they tried whatever thin rigid objects they could find to poke in there, and it just wouldn't pick. that was not good at all. finally, after struggling for about twenty minutes with the lock, the judges told us that if we could find someone to undo the lock between then and 2 in the afternoon, we wouldn't be penalized, and they'd bring us new handcuffs at 2 (when they were judging another one of our items). so, we go back to the shoreland...hoping at least someone can undo the cuff, and wondering if the handcuff was irreparably broken, or what. our prognosis continued to look pretty grim when we went back to shoreland, and no one there could undo it either. we just hoped the key would work.

we went back to campus around 2, with a few of our teammates. the item was to duct tape someone to a building in an interesting orientation. we were going to tape one of our teammates sideways on admin, but someone decided it would be funnier to crucify her with duct tape right outside Bond Chapel. we did that...and the judges found it absolutely amusing indeed. doing that went right with the passion of the christ theme that a lot of the items had (many of the items on the list had biblical quotes to introduce them...)

also...the judges brought the keys to the handcuffs, and a new set of handcuffs that hopefully didn't have a broken lock. the judges had two keys. one of them puts one of the keys into the lock on the tightened handcuff--and the key breaks in the lock. that was not good. the judge decided to go for broke and try the second key anyway...

and the handcuff opened. thank goodness. the judges proceeded to remove my handcuff as well, and then shackle us back together with another pair of handcuffs that they had already tested, that they knew would work. that being finished, we went on our merry way back to the shoreland to get a few more items on our respective pages done before the party on the quads.

one of the items on my page (item #253), the biggest point item on the whole page(116 points), was simply:

Hypercolor hair.

back on thursday, in headquarters, i had done some research on how the hypercolour shirts from back in the eighties worked...apparently there were some kinds of dyes that would change colours with heat, and that's how the shirts worked. then it started getting into all the chemistry of the dyes, which went right over my head. so, i emailed a couple of chem majors on the team and asked them if they could help me out. turned out, one of the chem majors could. i found out after the duct taping that he had found a distributor of thermochromic dyes up in lincoln park--and they were willing to give us a free 1 ounce sample of their ink if we got there by 4! by this time, it was 3, so we found a guy with a car, grabbed our lovely chem major, and hightailed it to the north side.

we got there in time...and were comically trying to hide the handcuffs since we were going to a respectable place of business--and since we were there under the pretense that he needed the dye for a chem project at the U of C. our hiding-the-handcuffs ended up looking a heck of a lot like a snuggly little lesbian PDA, but oh was amusing. we got the ink...even though the guy who worked there didn't know what the temperature change point was. he was guessing it was about 200 degrees--which was bad, given that we'd have to put almost-boiling water on my hair for it to change colours. that wasn't boding too well, but we decided we would give it a shot. we left the ink distributor, went back to hyde park, and grabbed some dinner at the dining hall before the party on the quads. more on the hypercolour item later, isn't over yet.

so, while we were at dinner, we got a call from the people coordinating the party that asked us to go to the quads and hold a spot for our party. we wanted to go back to shoreland, but we went there instead. turns out someone else had gotten there before us, though, and we could go back home anyway. that was good...we were hoping to get showers in before the party--and, being handcuffed, showers were an arduous task.

turns out, showers didn't so much happen. the party theme was vampires and zombies, and apparently someone needed to choreograph a dance to michael jackson's Thriller. we get to the shoreland, hoping for that elusive shower, when the guy choreographing the dance tell us that we will be dancing in his dance, because people dancing in handcuffs are a funny sight. so, we ended up learning the dance, and having to change into ripped-up black zombie clothes. this involved cutting up our shirts so we could get out of them, and then cutting up the new shirts that we were trying to put on despite the cuffs, but we managed just fine. it also involved cutting up my jeans, but that didn't bother me because they were ratty, and i had owned them since i was fourteen. we also got to put on crazy makeup...whiteface, scars, bloody wounds, dark was actually pretty cool...cartoonishly goth.

the party itself, though, ended up being sort of a bust. our scavhunt team members that were supposed to be working on the party didn't start until the last minute, and then the deejay who was supposed to spin for us backed out at the last minute...and we had very little actually set up for the party except for the dance and the alcohol. even the alcohol was marginal...i had three or four cups of it, and i didn't feel a thing. it tasted like kool-aid, and i swear that's all it was. then again, it was probably good that i didn't get inebriated at all because it would have been hard to not fall over and drag her with me...i can only assume getting drunk while wearing handcuffs must be a bad idea. it was fun at the party because all of my friends were there, but after the dance, it was cold, my feet were killing me, and i was getting sleepy. so, we went home and turned in for the evening...since the next day was saturday, and there's really not so much sleeping going on the saturday night of the hunt.

alright...end of friday. good place to stop the i can go get some food and some money before the poker game. :)
they've run out of work for me to do. all that's left is this one assignment that really doesn't so much they've been putting off for years because it's so insignificant (which involves scraping off old labels and putting on new ones on books that i just roam through the stacks and find...) at least it involves roaming the stacks, which means i can camp out at the computer, write in my blog, post on perjuries, whatever... i just wish i could disappear from work and still get paid, given that there's really nothing for me to do. i'd rather surf the web and/or sleep at home, then do it here.
i shouldn't be out of bed this morning, much less at work. i swore i'd sleep last night, i swore i'd go to bed early and hit the sack early and finally knock out the sleep deficit that i've been running on since monday night...or, make that sunday night, since i slept about four or five hours tops that night, too. that didn't happen at all, since i ended up going to bar night. i hadn't been in a long while, and it was fun to see everyone...i definitely don't regret going. but, now, my body's making me pay. i need to get some coffee. i need to take a nap during my break. i need to just not be here. if i weren't missing almost all of next week, i probably would have just taken today off.

i'm just grumpy today. i'm tired and i need more sleep. i'm feeling like a lazy bum...the neurons in my brain decided to fire this morning when i was half-asleep, and compare myself to a college dropout who just so happens to have finished all the classes she needs to graduate. i think that's an apt comparison, my not-so-conscious mind did a very good job of coming up with that one. with finals coming up, and graduation coming up, i've been seeing everyone going crazy and having to write papers and all--the idea of reading a book for class or writing a paper for class makes me physically ill. let's hope that fades so i can go to law school eventually without resenting it...i know i shouldn't be worrying about it right now, but it sunk in yesterday that i need to decide over the summer if i'm taking one year off before law school, or more than one. if i'm taking more than one, i'm still in the clear, but if i'm only taking one year off, i need to get my stuff together and start sending out applications in the fall. i don't want to think about that. i don't want to think about this nuts-and-bolts stuff at all. i still need more me-time, a lot more me-time.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

so, i'm finally back from kansas. :) i had an amazing weekend...i was so sad to have to leave, but i'm heartened by the fact that i'll be back to see him again a week from today. next week's the vegas trip...i'll be flying to kansas on tuesday, going off to vegas on wednesday, coming back to kansas friday or saturday (can't remember which), and going back to chicago on sunday. that means i'll get to spend six days with him. it also means lots of time with his family--so i'm HOPING we get along. i'm not extremely worried, but i still have all those little worries that always happen with respect to meeting a significant other's family.

i'm still just melting, though. i loved spending the weekend with him. and, one little moment just can't get off my mind, a little moment that's the cutest thing ever, in a nerdy kind of way. we both know how ridiculously improbable it is that we're even together right now, that enough coincidences and feelings and all have happened to put us where we are today... friday night, when we were out at Louise's (this awesome bar in Lawrence...definitely a KU hangout), we were making toasts. he made a toast..."to whales falling from the sky." (it's an allusion to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, one of the improbable things that happened in the book, by the Heart of Gold...) i still just want to give him another hug for that toast. it's the cutest thing i've ever heard in my entire life.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

you know which author rocks? richard north patterson.

i read his book "silent witness" (a legal thriller) over the summer. it was pretty good, but i didn't read any of his other stuff. i stumbled upon "protect and defend" two or three weeks ago...and i was BLOWN AWAY. it was somewhat of a legal thriller, but moreso a political thriller. it was detailed, it was engaging, and it was encouraging for the liberal pro-choicer in me without being forceful, dogmatic, or even too one-sided about the entire thing.

today i was at work, and what crossed my desk but "balance of power"--the sequel to "protect and defend"!?!?! i'm already in the middle of two books ("in cold blood" by truman capote and "life, the universe, and everything" by douglas adams), but i'm dropping both of those until i finish "balance of power". i started the book at lunch, and i just didn't want to put it down. it's another political thriller, this time about gun industry lawsuits. it should be fascinating what details he uses for this, especially given that i used to work for the brady center and even helped the legal action project find info for one of their crosses of one of the gun industry expert witnesses.

i'm happy...i've got addictive, exciting reading for the bus to kansas tonight. :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

friday morning, then. sleeping on thursday night was surprisingly easy to do despite the fact that i was handcuffed still. i think the weirdest part of it was talking on the phone to my boyfriend before i went to bed...had to make sure that the conversation didn't get too...indecent for other ears but mine and his. :)

anyway...had to get up at 8:30 that morning. i had committed to go do item number 14:

Enter the Seminary Co-Op wearing only backpacks and shoulder bags.

the seminary co-op is a bookstore on campus that is notorious for being super-anal about making patrons check their bags. this was also an item begging for nudity--and i'd be remiss in my duties as a shameless scavvie if i didn't do at least one item that involved me running around less than fully clad. so, i had made an arrangement for someone to show up with a camera and take pictures of me running around the co-op wearing nothing but bags.

we were going to do that at 10am...we changed the time to 10:30 because we thought it was going to take way too long to get ready while still cuffed together, but it turned out we were on campus and at the bookstore by 10 anyway. felt dumb having to call back the camera guy and tell him we were ready on time anyway, but was all good. it was really amusing just sitting, waiting in the seminary, talking about what a ridiculous night the previous one had been, and looking forward to running around this religious building while handcuffed and wearing only bags.

finally he got there, and i changed. my shirt and bra had to hang on the chain between the handcuffs, since i couldn't so well take them off any further than that. i wore my huge black bookbag over my boobs, my tan paratrooper front and below that, and then one of my black messenger bags over my butt. everything decent was covered, but really no more than could still get a nice side view of my bosom, and my back and legs were all showing.

we went into the store, and it was HILARIOUS! the clerks and the patrons were too stunned to say anything. i was afraid we'd be kicked out, but not so much. we ran around the aisles of books, took funny pictures with different books, even went into the textbook section and took a ton of photos. finally, on our way out several minutes later, the clerks mustered a laugh. i'm sure they had no idea what was going on...some nearly naked chick was running around their store, handcuffed to another person, while a guy was following them and taking photographs. it was priceless.

after that, we wanted hot dogs, and the teams were about to start doing the free hot dog stands on the quad. (that was the out on the quads thursday and friday item...they have such an item every year.) the stands weren't supposed to be up until 11:30, though, and it was only 11.

it was all good, though...we ran into the judges. at that point my handcuff was fine, but my partner's handcuff had gotten shut so tightly around her wrist that it was almost cutting off circulation. we wanted to ask the judges to loosen it, and they were definitely sympathetic. it was of the judges was like, "so what have you been doing the last day or so, watching movies?"

we looked at the judge like she was crazy, and told her that we had been doing items--and running around town all day yesterday. we told the judges about going around on the CTA (and through the turnstiles--that was a contortionist feat if i've ever attempted one!), doing items like the metra item and the seminary co-op item, and having the cops called on us at maravillas. the judges were extremely impressed at the fact that we weren't just sitting on our butts while we were cuffed together.

so...did the judges ever loosen the handcuff? what other shenanigans did we get into? stay tuned...i have to go put my laundry in the dryer, so it's off the computer i go!! continue the scav story from this weekend.

where we left off, we had just finished flashing the metra train. after that, we finally got back on the el and went back to the south side...but not home. we had to find the significance of 36th and leavitt, so we went there. that was actually kind of a blah kind of item...there was an old american legion post and a bunch of stones in memoriam of soldiers from the post who had we copied down all the writing from the monuments. then, we went back to hyde park. (turns out that wasn't even what the judges wanted for that item...who knows what they actually did want? that's what was at that corner, monuments!)

back in hyde park, we were hungry. so, we took a bit of a break from scav and we got some food at maravilla's. that ended up being one of the funniest parts of the hunt, and it wasn't even while we were completing an item.

we sit down and get our food, getting some funny looks from the other diners because two of us were handcuffed together. about halfway through the meal, though, two cops walk up to our table. they were off-duty, they didn't have their police shirts on, but they did have their belts full of awesome cop supplies still around their waists. they came and told us that they had received a call that there were two people eating in maravillas that needed to be un-handcuffed. we told them that we indeed did not need to be un-handcuffed, and that it was an item in a scavenger hunt we were doing. they also proceeded to tell us that the call had said that we were naked. we assured them that we had been fully clothed the entire time we were in the restaurant, and they finally left the premises.

we finish our food after the cops leave, and we get ready to leave. there were these two people sitting by the door doing a bible study who had been there the whole time we had, so we thought they were the ones who had called the police on us. they said they didn't, and then proceeded to ask us why we were cuffed together. we explained it was for the scavhunt. the guy sitting closest to us, the one actually reading out of the bible, looks at us and goes:

"God has his own scavenger hunt. He's hunting for lost souls."

we nodded and made our way out of the restaurant. once the door had shut and we were out of earshot, we cracked up. a lot. we couldn't quite believe our ears...yay for religious fundamentalists, i guess??? i'm sorry...i can't envision God getting pissed off or thinking i'm a lost soul because i was having some harmless fun in a scavenger hunt. i see my God having a good laugh about the hunt, just like my friends and i do.

we finally made our way back home. we dealt with a couple of things in the war room, and then went to sleep since we were both so tired. i had slept for four hours the previous night, and she had slept for an hour and a half. we were both ready to pass out, we were handcuffed together...and it was time for the both of us to go to bed.

alright...that's the end of thursday, a good place to stop the narrative for right this second. need to go wash my clothes so i have clean cute clothes for my trip to kansas this weekend. :) i'm sure i'll be back on this thing tonight and telling more scav stories.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

i'm reading a book
about the first internet serial killer
and i thought of you

a woman i've never met
a woman i'm praying i never will meet

but i know
that you met a monster on the internet

i know this
because i am
the monster's daughter

you've already gotten more out of him
than most who follow
such creatures

he left his wife
and walked down the aisle
(or at least through the doorway
of the cubicle
the civil marriage booth
somewhere in suburban tennessee)
with you

he probably will not take your life
he hasn't killed anyone
that i know of

but he is not harmless
he is still a monster

he is irresponsible
he will rob you blind
and drink it all away

he will swear
i've got a lead on a job
i'm getting a job soon enough
until this happens
or that happens
and invariably neither this nor that ever occurs

he will go behind your back
with other people

with other lonely cruisers on the internet
who will move to meet him
until things go sour

with family members
(it's okay
she's not of his blood
but only related by his father's other marriage)
as daughters cringe in horror
and confusion

i've never met you
i've never seen how you two interact
i am basing this all
on what happened under my roof
as a child

and i know that you
a woman i'll never know
have met a monster
on the internet

and you should leave while you can
although that time is long expired
"if you call i will answer
if you fall i'll pick you up
if you court this disaster
i'll point you home
i'll point you home..."

"Call and Answer"
by Barenaked Ladies

i love that's pretty. i got pissed at the jukebox last night at the bowling alley because i picked that song out and it played something else. stupid jukebox.

on another tangent...only two more days until i leave for kansas, and three more days 'til i'm there. :) i can't wait!!! i know it's only been a shade more than two weeks since i've seen him, but any time i don't get to see him just goes by so darn slowly (unless i'm talking on the phone to him...the hour i spent on the phone with him last night felt like about ten minutes or so.)

Monday, May 10, 2004

scavenger hunt. four days of nothing but nerdy U of C insanity. and, this year's hunt was the most insane of all the four i've been in.

quite honestly, the hunt didn't start out too promising. i was dead tired at the reading of the list at midnight wednesday night (thursday morning), and the list was full of allusions that i didn't understand. there were a few items that jumped out at me as ones i'd be interested in (running through the Seminary Co-Op bookstore wearing only bags, the ScavHunt All-Stars game, a few others), but not as much jumped right out at me at the Reading as i remembered. maybe that, though, was a function of my residual tiredness from getting so trashed on monday night. instead of staying up all night eagerly working on my page (i was a page captain for shoreland), i worked on scav for a little while, spent two or three hours half-asleep and concurrently talking to my boyfriend on the phone and playing online poker with him and a bunch of people from perjuries. i finally relented about 4:30, went home (across the street...i don't actually live in shoreland anymore), and went to bed.

the next morning, i had to be up by 8:30 or so. i had to find someone to play the apprentice game--i would have done it, but you couldn't be a fourth year (given that the winner would ostensibly be hired to be a scavhunt judge the following year.) i had very little time to find one, since i was signed up to do an item on the quads at 10 that morning. i called people, searched the shoreland scav database, banged on no avail. finally, though, one of the other people found a guy willing to play the apprentice for our team just before i was about to get on a bus to do my item at 10. what a relief!

so, my item that morning. what a scream. it was item number 133:

Does their relationship lack trust? Bring two non-apprentice, non-captain, non-All Star team members to the center of the quads at 10 AM on Thursday and let us test this friendship.

pretty cryptic, except for the idea that since it was non-captain, non-all star, non-apprentice, it would probably last for much of the weekend. the funny thing is...the only two people who volunteered for that item were me--and a teammate that i didn't know. we knew each other's names before we showed up for the event, but nothing else about each other. we kind of feared it would be a quiz, or thought it would be a trust fall of some sort...

not so much. the judges got there at 10, and the head judge pulled out a set of handcuffs. she proceeded to tell us that we would be handcuffed together for the duration of the hunt, and get one point per hour that we were cuffed. if we wanted to be uncuffed, we could call the judge and they would show up and uncuff us, but we couldn't pick the locks--they sealed the locks with wax, and if the wax was picked out we'd get no credit.

we had been given the chance to opt out, or find another teammate to do it. we looked at each other, said what the heck, and let the judges cuff us together for the weekend. who knew what was going to happen? the item became a persistent theme of the hunt for me, and quite honestly i've never been more glad to have done an item than i was to have done that one.

anyway...after we got cuffed together, we planned to give blood. that's an item every year...teams get points based on how many people they bring to give blood. we show up, fill out the forms...and then they need to give us our confidential interview. (you know, the one where they ask if you've taken money for sex, that kind of stuff.) we tell them we can't uncuff each other, it's a scavhunt item. we can't sign releases or anything, so we just got rejected. we still got points for showing up, because we tried, but...i'm sure very few people have a better blood donation rejection story than "we were handcuffed together". i've been rejected before, but it was a comparably ho-hum story...i had been pierced too recently.

so, we went off to do other items. we ended up spending that day running around town getting various items, me and her and another guy we brought along to take pictures of stuff we did. our first destination was north clark street, we needed a double-grooved record and a cool comic book under $3.99. we also got yummy chicago-style hot dogs, it was tasty stuff. then, we went up northwest for another item--an item right up my alley, one that involved me making a fool of myself in public.

the item was number 168. it said:

Go to the Montrose Blue line stop and let Metra know what you think of it, in true CTA style.

we went up there, and decided to flash the metra. there wasn't a stop there, but you could see a track from the stop. we're standing on the platform, figuring out what we're going to write...and totally getting the attention of the security guards. we decided after about ten, fifteen minutes to move up to the next stop (Jefferson Park), go write on ourselves there, and then go back to Montrose for the item.

we got on the train and took it up one stop. then, we noticed the most wonderful thing--there was an actual metra stop at the jefferson park stop!! so, we decided to use that to our advantage. we ducked into a mcdonalds (and bought the Sad Meal...more on that later...), and wrote on ourselves in the bathroom. (got lots of funny looks, and one of the women who came into the bathroom looked at us handcuffed and asked, "what the hell are you doing?", but whatever...funny stuff.) her chest said "CTA ROCKS!" and mine said "FUCK THE SUBURBS!" we did that, and then walked back out to the metra stop.

we went out to wait for a train. finally one came, but it didn't stop. we flashed it anyway and had a picture taken, but it came in so close to us that we were almost hit by it...oops!! we decided to stand a little further away from the train when the next one, which did indeed stop, came in. those turned out better. we wanted a picture with the conductor (our hands and arms said a more demure "Shoreland Scav 2004"), but he wouldn't do it. so, when the train was leaving, we took a pic with us, clothed, showing the writing on our arms...and flicking the train off.

we then went back to montrose, waited for a metra to pass by, and took pictures flashing it and doing the hands and arms thing. it was of the CTA conductors, driving a train to O'Hare, looked at us and went, "well...handcuffs aren't my thing." that was funny.

we then got back on the train to cause more scavhunt trouble...trouble i can't talk about right now, because i have to leave for bowling league. i've got a funny feeling this scavhunt story is going to be a serial, a really long serial in this blog, interspersed with whatever else happens to me over the next couple days. hopefully i'll tell the whole story by the time i leave for kansas on thursday night...
alright...back from mini-hiatus. i spent no time on the computer the last four days except to do scavhunting...and what a hunt it was. shoreland (my team) came in fourth, but that's such a moot point...i had the funnest scavhunt i've ever had. so many funny stories...i'll post them tonight, when i don't necessarily have to be at my desk. let's just say, it was ridiculous times. ridiculously amusing, fun times.

and...i HATE this new blogger interface, whatever it is. the start page is so juvenile. i have to jump through more hoops to get to my blog. they say it's new and improved, but i just think it stinks.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

i'm so sleepy. this is not a good thing. scavhunt starts tonight at midnight...i really can't wait to do it, but i just wish i had more energy given that it's the night before the Reading of the List, and i'm about to not sleep for three days.

i've been so tired since monday night...but boy, was monday night worth it. monday night was absolutely insane.

so, i made plans to go have a beer at jimmy's with my friend c.. another one of my friends, j., emailed me that day and asked if i wanted to go drink with him, so i invited him to come drink with me and c. later that evening. i had bowling league, and i ran into p., who apparently was also going to come, and told me that k. would be coming as well. i was, a calm night with a friend or two is turning into a veritable powwow with my four closest friends.

i look at my cell phone during the tenth frame of the last bowling game...i knew something was weird, because the call log had recorded four calls from j., from over the previous twenty minutes or so. i call j. back, and he's FREAKING OUT, tells me to check my messages. there's a frantic message about how p. and i need to get to jimmy's as soon as possible, that something had just happened between c. and his girlfriend. i was flipping out at this point...the last conversation that i had had with c. about his girlfriend was a few weeks ago, when he was giddily telling me that he thought she was The One. i was afraid they had broken up, that's what i knew had happened.

we finished up the bowling game and walked to the bar. sure enough, there are c., j., and k. at the table. two empty cups of beer were stacked up, and there was another pitcher of beer on the table, also empty, and the three guys were drinking. c.'s head was buried in his hands, and k. and j. looked somber. i just give c. a hug, offered to get more beer, and asked what was wrong.

c. launched into a story about how he had gone to the point with his girlfriend, and they were discussing their relationship, and where it stood, and how there were some things he needed to say but not out in public...sounded like he was building toward a breakup. i was watching in shock, since i hadn't heard anything to make me think this was going to happen. he proceeds to say that he went back to his room, and it was dark...

...except for candles. and there was champagne. and roses on the floor. and he PROPOSED TO HER!!! i couldn't believe was the most clever trick ever, he and j. had come up with this whole elaborate plan to get us to come drink with them, deceive us into thinking that the "something" that had happened was something bad, and then tell us that he had proposed on saturday!!! i wanted to smack them, but it was amusing nonetheless. we ended up drinking and celebrating the rest of the night...

and that's what happened on monday.

on one hand, it's so ridiculously cute. c. and his fiancee are both really awesome people, and i know it's going to work out beautifully. i wasn't surprised that he proposed at all, i'm a little surprised still that it was so soon (they've only been together about five months, and she's still a first-year), but it was clearly going to happen sometime. they're clearly crazy about each other...and it's just a good thing.

but, it's making me feel a little old. i don't know...i've known people who have been engaged, but c. is the first one in my closest circle of friends to be engaged. i really don't know what further i can say, if anything...i just feel old.

Monday, May 03, 2004

i have the greatest boy ever. last night, he spent at least an hour with me, on the phone and over instant messages, taking me step by tedious step through the process of getting all the spyware off the computer i was using, since there was so much of it on there that the computer became pretty much unusable. it was so sweet of him to do was just so nice. it's one of those things...he clearly didn't have to do it, but he took an interest, kept asking me about what was going on, and helped me fix it. my heart is just completely melted right about now...i just love him so much, and it's times like that that reaffirm my knowledge that he's just as crazy about me.

i reiterate: how did i get so lucky? *smiles*