Sunday, February 29, 2004

this can't be good. i just saw the most disturbing thing ever, and i can't even corroborate it. i can't even bring it up, for fear of raising false alarms. it's nothing i have control over, i'm sure, but the social fallout would be devastating if i'm right. it would be even worse than the corner that i'm backed into already.

please let this be my overactive imagination and not any logical prowess that i may have.
i have nothing to say, but i feel like babbling anyway. i'm in a pretty good mood this morning. i slept enough. i drank last night, but not to the point of being anything more than pleasantly buzzed. i didn't do anything stupid. this weekend has been super-low-key. i'm just...good.

Saturday, February 28, 2004

i was in the elevator today, and i saw the most disturbing thing. it was a girl, about four years old, maybe five, and her pigtails were tied with ribbons that said "I <3 Jesus" on them. talk about indoctrination. i have no problem with children growing up learning about the existence of religions, but i really don't like the idea of raising a child to be indoctrinated in one religion. i have a hard time with things like sunday school. children should be raised to be aware of the choices of religions out there, if they are to be raised aware at all of religion. it's the same reason i don't think people should be baptized as children...religion should be a conscious choice, and it's something parents, or other people in general, should not force influence over.
"my mike's cap says 'women'."
"mine says 'imagine'."
"we can put them together to say 'imagine women'."
"mmm, women."


Friday, February 27, 2004

i'm feeling a little better. i survived work (the four hours actually went by fast!), and i made a few bucks filling out silly surveys. that means i can go out to dinner tonight for my friend's birthday...i gotta order the cheapest thing on the menu, but that's okay because it's the scrambled eggs, which are one of my favourite dishes there anyway. i haven't had scrambled eggs in a while...mmmm...

i've actually been feeling a lot better since a short, random conversation with one of my friends this morning. he's one of those kinds of people who, no matter what, always has his head screwed on straight. he has such a no-nonsense view of the world, such a blunt way of going about absolutely everything. not to mention he's one of the nicest, most fun, sweetest, and most awesome people i know. i was blessed to run into him this morning...we had a short discussion, i ranted, he listened, and he just made me feel better about my life. it doesn't really matter...if i screw up, they're my mistakes, and i'm old enough to have to take responsibility for them without having to tell the folks about every little screwup i make, every little thing i do.

mmm...totally off topic note, but "everything i say" by ratbag hero has been ringing in my head nonstop for the last two days, no matter what else i listen to. it's such a cool's fun to listen to. you should listen to it, too, and have it stuck in your head.
i'm between a rock and a hard place. i still don't care about school. i'm so, so, so broke. i'm going to be done with school in three weeks and i don't have a freaking clue what i'm going to do afterwards. i don't care about that either. i ditched class this morning to post on perjuries. my dining plan is exhausted, so i have to either spend money that i don't have on food, or sweettalk first years into buying it for me. i have papers to write. i have stuff to do. my computer is broken...the monitor doesn't seem to be working anymore. i can't pay to get it fixed. i haven't gotten laid in a really long time, so i'm sexually frustrated as all get out. i need to wash my laundry. i need to not be sick anymore. my morning, my life, is just a long litany of complaints.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

a nonsensical rant, scribbled in the margin of my conlaw notes this morning. it may seem silly, it may not make a whole lot of sense. it's not good poetry or lyric. it's brain jumping around in the million different places that it's going, when i feel like i'm one of the stereotypical boorish men that women write to advice columnists about all the time.

i don't need this
i've seen it all before
i may not be the smartest
or the most responsible
but i get by
i don't need you to tell me
what to do or not
live my life
have my friends
i'm not doing this to make you mad
i'm just being

now i know what it feels like
to be one of the boys
the object of a girlfriend's ire
the one who wrecks the home
who tempts him out to drink beer
and watch sports
and gawk
and rant
and cast aside the hearth

you hate me this morning
go ahead and hate me
i will not change
this used to be amusing to you
you used to partake
but sometimes you can't
you just don't

there's something amazing about a night with the guys
a night of honesty
unencumbered by shackles
and any silly failures

okay, end rant. back to prose. back to now.
no matter what, no one's going to make me regret last night. sure, i can't make Jimmy's Woodlawn Tap, or the Pub, my regular weeknight home, but i would not have given last night up for anything on this earth. it was indeed a night of blatant honesty. it was a night out with two of my best friends on the face of the earth. it was a night where i could let my guard down and just be me, just say what was on my mind. i love that kind of atmosphere. no matter who thinks i'm insane, no matter what, last night was one of the most awesome nights of my life.
wow...that's disconcerting. the fallout on this one really isn't going to be good at all. i didn't do anything out of character, and she really had no place to chastise me for that. jealousy? other underlying problems? i really don't know, or maybe i surmise. all i know is...time to just breathe. wait. and. breathe.

you know, it's as if i've seen this all before.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

every day that passes i care less and less about school. tonight i should get a good night's sleep because i have class tomorrow morning. instead, i think i'm going to go out after mock trial and drink. call it payback from last week...last tuesday the good doctor paid for all the beer for our little bender, so it looks as though tonight's my turn. hey, it's mardi gras, right? my first mardi gras where i've actually been of age to go to bars? not that i'm giving up anything for lent, since i'm not christian by any stretch of the imagination, but an excuse to party is an excuse to party.

i just need to get through these next four weeks of class. it's all i ask.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

all i have to say is...fuck.

i don't normally curse, but this warrants it: ralph freaking nader is running for president again.

not that my political views are so far off from his own...on the few issues he comes out on, mine usually end up closer to his than any other presidential candidate. but, he's a single-issue or few-issue candidate, which bothers me. as much as strategic voting bothers me on a principled level, since it undermines the concept of the raw will of the people to get the PERSON they'll be just like 2000. nader will take votes from the democrat, and make it more difficult to get what i, and a lot of other people anywhere left of centre, want: for bush to get the heck out of office.

i still don't know who i'm voting for in the primary election coming up. i need to figure that out soon. but, i do know that i'm voting for the democrat running against bush in the general election. i'm not at all thrilled about kerry, and i can't freaking stand edwards, but whoever ends up winning the nomination--they won't be george bush, they won't be unwarrantedly slashing taxes that we can't afford to slash, and they hopefully won't be invading places just to flex their muscles and play with real live g.i. joe dolls.

in other words, screw you, nader. i know practicality sucks, but you should work within the democrats to yank them left, not outside of them to keep people like bush in office.
so excited...regionals was this weekend, and my team finished second! that means we've got a bid to nationals, in Des Moines in April!! i think that's's my last year doing mock, and it'll be wonderful to finally compete there again, since my team last year did not make it. it'll be one big chicago team is going, and so is one of our other teams...and we might send scouts from our other team that can't go. (they got a bid to a national, but since only two teams can go from any one school per some silly American Mock Trial Association rule...) in other words, i'll be spending the next six weeks going extra crazy about mock trial, and taking this show on the road one more time.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

my body clock is nonfunctional. i guess that's what waking up at 4pm yesterday, and then staying up all night, will do to you. all i'm dying for is some sleep, but it isn't going to happen at least until about 7 when i'm in the car, or more likely, 10 or 11 when i get to the hotel in peoria.

i need sleep.
yay! paper done! now i just have a boatload of mock trial to do...which is fine with me, because mock is a lot more fun than icky old paper writing.

on an unrelated note, you know you're a addict when your friend invites you to breakfast...on a perjuries thread. :) off to eat...
it's now six in the morning. i have all but two pages of that paper written. does that mean i might get some sleep, maybe an hour or two, before work?

maybe, but then again, maybe not. i'm still spending way too much time blogging and posting on about a million message boards, and not enough time writing this paper. it's getting done, over time...i can't concentrate well enough to just sit there and write and write and not take lots and lots of little breaks. when stuff comes to mind, i write. when nothing's coming to mind, i have to shift away from that paper for a while, clear my head, and then go back to writing it. it's inefficient, it's scatterbrained...but i've got six pages so far, which is six more pages than i've written all quarter for school.
so...i don't, as a rule, post quiz results on here. but, i'll make an exception today. it's a snapshot of nicky, circa february 2004. i especially love how it characterizes me as rude...careless...unmotivated...lazy. you bet your bottom dollar.

The Big Five Personality Test
Extroverted|||||||||||||||||||| 82%
Introverted |||| 18%
Friendly |||||||||||| 42%
Aggressive |||||||||||||| 58%
Orderly |||| 20%
Disorderly |||||||||||||||||| 80%
Relaxed |||||||||||| 44%
Openminded |||||||||||||||||| 74%
Closeminded |||||| 26%
Take Free Big 5 Personality Test

Extroversion results were high which suggests you are very talkative, optimistic, sociable and affectionate but possibly not very reflective.

Friendliness results were moderately low which suggests you tend to be rude, uncooperative, and irritable.

Orderliness results were low which suggests you tend to be very unreliable, lazy, careless, and unmotivated.

Emotional Stability results were moderately low which suggests you are worrying, insecure, emotional, and nervous.

Openmindedness results were high which suggests you are very creative, original, curious, imaginative but possibly not very practical.

Overall (of the Big 5 factors), you scored highest on Extroversion and lowest on Orderliness.

you know what would be really, really enjoyable right now?

clocking Antonin Scalia upside the head with a 2x4.
it's becoming more and more obvious that i really don't care about school. last night, i was supposed to be reading for this paper that i'm supposed to be writing tonight. instead, the following happened.

(me and a friend, sitting in the c-shop, eating sandwiches.)

me: you know what i want to do?
him: what?
me: shoot pool. let's go shoot pool.
him: let's go to jimmy's.
me: right now?
him: yes.

so, we go to jimmy's. one beer turns into so many beers that we're there for about four hours, so long that the same futurama episode comes on adult swim twice. he runs out of money, so we go back to his place, drink some more, and harass our friends online. it was one of the funnest nights ever, but it meant that instead of going to work or class today, i was sleeping over the worst hangover i've had in years.

and it means i'm writing the whole paper tonight, although i seem to be doing too much blogging and too little writing right now. whatever. it's only a draft, i'll get eight pages of total crap, and turn it in. i'll be up all night doing it, but that's no biggie since i didn't really emerge from the crypt until about 4pm today.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

this is turning out to be my week of no sleep, which is not a good thing. i can't sleep enough 'cause i have so much to do this week, and i need the sleep just because i have so much to do this week. let's hope i get this paper done as soon as possible so i can be rested up, at least a little bit, for regionals this weekend. i'll never forgive myself if i mock badly this weekend.

Monday, February 16, 2004

i was looking at recently updated blogs, and i stumbled upon it's only got one entry, but i hope this guy updates. i'm all about unabashed ranting.
i'm tired. i have way too much work to do this week that i'm ignoring. but i still don't care, because i've been spending time on things that matter to me...hanging out with my friends, doing mock trial, and going to rock shows. that's what i've is simply the best idea to screw over all my work and just get by enough to graduate, because i really don't care about school. i feel a lot better when i concentrate on things that matter to me. i need the diploma, sure, and it would be a waste for me not to graduate after i've gone this far, but i don't feel the need to apply myself to it any further than that.

that's a freeing realisation.

Friday, February 13, 2004

i was hiding in the bathroom...i shared a room with my little sister then, and didn't want even her to see what i was doing. i was six, she was five, and even six-year-olds know that five-year-olds have big mouths. i went in there with a box of coloured pencils and a sheet of notebook paper that i had pilfered, and i closed the door. i couldn't lock it, my parents had taken the lock off the bathroom door just like they had taken the locks off the bedroom doors (except for their own, of course, even though looking back it was more to keep us away from fights than it was to keep us from seeing them having sex). i think i opened the hairbrush drawer as sort of a makeshift was near enough to the door that the door would only open a crack if the drawer was opened.

i sat down, and began to write. it was a note to my school counselor, a request for an appointment. i didn't know then, and i still don't know now, why i requested that appointment. maybe i just felt like talking to her. maybe i just wanted attention. all i know is that i sat there, using the lid of the toilet as a chair and the bathroom counter as a table, and wrote a note. each word was a different colour, and all the letters had cute little curlicues on them. it took me forever to write, given that i was in kindergarten, and i couldn't write very quickly if i expected it to be neat and readable, readable by an adult, no less. i was proud of myself, and just about done with the letter.

and the bathroom door opens. my body flooded with adrenaline...i was caught. caught doing what, i wasn't sure...looking back, i know it was just a simple case of my privacy being invaded, but my mother acted as if i was doing something bad, something evil, something unspeakable. she asked me what i was writing, and at first i refused to tell her. she assumed it was something sinister because i had locked myself in the bathroom to write it, instead of writing it in my room or the family room or the dining room. i continued to refuse, but she made me tell her. i told her i was writing a note to the school counselor, that i wanted to see her. she looked offended, as if i was betraying her. she asked me why. i didn't know. i told her so.

she kept asking me why. i still didn't know. i continued to tell her so.

finally it became clear that she wasn't going to get anything out of me, so she gave me a stern lecture about how bad it was to request meetings with the counselor when i didn't need them. of course i didn't need them. i had my mommy and my daddy. i had a family, a good family. six-year-olds in families like mine didn't have serious problems, and i should be able to talk about what little ones i do have with my parents. i didn't have to go see the counselor. we're going to forget about this incident. now, throw that note away and put the coloured pencils away.

dejected, i ripped up the note and threw it away. i gathered together my coloured pencils, plodded out of the bathroom, and put the coloured pencils back in the kitchen drawer where i found them. i never did write up another note, i never did go see a school counselor. i look back, and still i wonder why i wanted the appointment, and why i never went through with it.

i'm convinced i was a lot more perceptive as a child than i was as i got a little older than that. i think i knew something was wrong, and i became so good after about the age of six at putting it out of my head that i let myself believe nothing was indeed wrong. i'd probably be too fleeced to believe it if i didn't remember a very similar incident. there was another time, also in kindergarten, that i was choosing books from the library. i saw a book on the shelf, "living with a parent that drinks too much." the cover was green, and the writing was white, as if it was written on a chalkboard. i saw that book, and it looked as though i might want to read it, since i never ever saw my father without a beer in his hand.

the librarian saw the book, and asked me about it. i told her what was running through my mind, that my father was never seen without a beer in his hand. i don't remember what she said, or even if i brought the book home, but it was either the librarian or my mother that told me i had to be careful, that i shouldn't need to read such books or make such accusations on such light evidence.

i believed it then. not anymore. i doubt anything i saw was light evidence, and twelve years later i know for sure that he was an alcoholic, a raging alcoholic. now i have people telling me to seek help, to read books. i'm wary. i hate shrinks now. i hate self help books now. i was willing to turn to them then. in a sense, i was naive, thinking such things would help me. in a sense, i was less naive that i was later, in that i actually sensed that there was a problem then. maybe i'm bitter that i couldn't seek those sources when i was open to them. maybe i hate my little self a bit for turning to them. to this day i don't know. all i know is...those images from my childhood keep haunting me every once in a while. i wonder how things might be now if i had listened, if i had been allowed to act on them.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

so, the raffle. it didn't turn out as well as i'd hoped, but whatever. i raffled myself off...the first couple tickets that were drawn all belonged to taken girls who had won other dates (sounds kinda unfair to start, but whatever...), so the person who ended up winning me was a guy who had also auctioned himself off. he seems nice, and fun, but i'm also not attracted to him in the least, and he also trips my gaydar pretty hardcore. who knows? i'm sure i'll hang out with him...doubt it'll be anything romantic, but whatever. it'll be fun. (it'll also leave me even more open to just go cruising for singles on valentine's day...i'm seriously thinking barhopping in andersonville after i see No Fate.)

i also need to figure out if i want to email this one person i was talking to, one of the other people who was auctioning herself off, who was won by one of the taken girls who won several dates. she was really cute. it would be out of the blue, but i'm in the mood for out of the blue.
i'm excited. the queers and associates date raffle is tonight. i'm raffling myself off. :) hopefully a cute girl wins me, or maybe a cute guy wins me. either way, it's something silly, single, and fun to do...and i'll get a date out of the deal no matter what, given that i'm raffling myself off and all.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

silly pop-up ads atop the blog. thanks to that little story i posted in this thing yesterday, the ads atop it are:

Goat Milk Products from Crabtree and Evelyn


"Goatein-Predigested" (yuck. it's exactly what it sounds like, predigested goat milk protein.)

i am not a goat, but the ad box in my blog seems to be obsessed with them.

(although the featured "related searches" are "disturbed lyrics" and "cold lyrics". those have more to do with my blog, but they have nothing to do with goats.
i'm bitter. i'm angry. i feel as though i have lost the capacity to love. i know that's not true completely, because i do love my friends, the people that get me through every day, the ones who are with me.

but, as far as my family is concerned, you're supposed to feel tied to them, and i don't. not one iota. my mom and my aunt are yelling at me because i don't call them or any of my other relatives often enough. it pisses me off, but it pisses me off less that they're mad at me than that they expect me to feel tied to them at all. i know they expect it to be their right, but i just feel like they're intruding, like they're relics from a life i have left behind.

and, as far as any sort of romantic love is concerned, i don't have the capacity for that at all right now. that's what you're supposed to do...hope for some sort of long term relationship, and date around until you find one that works out. the idea of that doesn't excite fact, it reviles me. i like to flirt, i like to goof around, but at the end of the day, i don't want to be tied to one person. maybe i'll want that someday, but not now. maybe not ever. i think that's what i'm starting to think...i've already known deep down that i'd be an unfit mother (hence my resolve not to have kids), but i also am convinced that i'd be an unfit long term partner. that in itself doesn't bother me at all, because i'm going to do what makes me happy, but i have this funny feeling that i'm going to have plenty of harassment heaped at me eventually for this.

Monday, February 09, 2004

i feel as though i've been inducted into this strange, unspoken world of debauchery.
i found this on dopeynet...

No room for a goat

I had my second child and he was having problems with the milk. The doctors found him to be allergic to the sugar that was in formula. Was told that he would have to drink goats milk. I replied, "Oh my god, we live in an apartment and can't have a goat and can't afford to move to a house. What are we going to do?"

The doctor was polite and told me that it came in cans at the grocery store, and I could find it with the other canned milk.
i realised that this blog has a namesake, and i've never actually posted the lyrics to that namesake. that needs to be remedied. that is being remedied. such a good song...

by stroke 9

you're leaving me here
alone with all your letters
you're letting it go
like innocence and feathers
you're putting it down
sounds slipping into songs
you're leaving me here
alone with all my wrongs

you're pulling away
pray you're making the right choice
you're pulling away
stay and listen to my voice
to my voice

sooner or later you will long
when you wake you will see
sooner or later all the songs that make you shake
will be by me
sooner or later all the throngs of feelings we used to appreciate
will come rushing back

you're thinking about
how you thought you knew me better
you're looking around town
and wondering how I met her
you're pulling away
pray you're making the right choice
you're pulling away
stay and listen to my voice
to my voice

sooner or later all the throngs or feelings we used to appreciate
will come rushing back
when you wake you will see

don't wake me as you leave
don't make me believe I have a chance in hell
don't tell me what I know too well
don't wake me

as you're leaving me here dear
alone with all your letters
don't let it go of your innocence and feathers
now I find that every sound reminds me of our song
since you left me here dear
alone with all my wrongs
with my wrongs

sooner or later all the throngs or feelings we used to appreciate
will come rushing back
when you wake you will see
don't wake me as you leave
you'll come rushing back to me
dude. i'm horrible. i've got work that was due about two hours ago. it's not in. i'm not going to class today...even though it's meeting, it's suicide prevention day and i will not go on principle. i went to a party last night, and drank copious amounts of booze. it was fun, but i've just been avoiding everything that i actually need to do. just like i've been doing for the last six months...because i really don't care.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

"i am Pizza God!" (or not, but i met Pizza God...)

last night was hilarious. i had a Do Something Stupid night with my best friend. we went to see naked boys singing, and he was happy because this guy he thinks is really cute (we'll call him Pizza God) was indeed playing, well, Pizza God. (he hadn't been the last time we were there). it was fun...lots of laughs, lots of gratuitous male is good.

after the show, we go to dinner at the Melrose and then go bar-hopping. we went to this bar on Halsted called Roscoe's. we walk in, look up at the crowd...and there's Pizza God. we had a good laugh about that, bought beers, and found a place to hang around. about fifteen minutes later, this guy who is walking past points at my shirt and is like "hey, i remember you! slitheryn shirt! you were in the audience!" sure enough, i look up, and it's Pizza God. i chat with him for a second or two, try and get my best friend at least a bit involved in the convo, but he was a bit tonguetied. after a minute of "hey...what's up...awesome show...seen it three times..." we toasted, and he went on with his stuff and we went on with ours.

still, that story's not going to get old...what the heck were the odds?

Friday, February 06, 2004

wish me luck. i'm about to go fail a midterm.

at least afterwards i can just go home and sleep. or watch dopey television. or both.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

by matchbox20

kody sat down on the avenue
he tapped his feet to the humming of the highway
he watched the light shine down on the broken glass
and thought
well i don't got no reasons yet
there it is and there it was
it was clear to all of us
we kept this hat of broken dreams
and we pulled them out when we needed them around

so please hand me the bottle
i think i'm lonely now
and please give me direction
i think the hurt set in
and i don't feel nothing

there's a squeak hinge down on the back gate
it lets us know if he comes around
i don't sleep that good anyway
and if you've never heard the silence
it's a God awful sound

so please hand me the bottle
i think i'm lonely now
and please give me direction
i think i just caved in
and i don't feel nothing
i don't feel nothing
no i don't feel nothing
there's nothing to feel good about here

don't much get down out to the avenue
i could drive
but it takes so much to get there
don't get off on all the broken glass
the cadillac scene
i've seen a lot of good things die and i'm
in an overemotional way

please hand me the bottle
i think i'm lonely now
please give me direction
i think the hurt set in
yeah please hand me the bottle
i think i'm lonely now
i'm lonely now
i'm lonely now
well hold me now
oh hold me now
and please give me direction
i think i just caved in
well it ain't nothing
you know what's great? friends. wonderful friends. my friends. it never ceases to amaze me how great the people are who surround me. i can rant to them about anything i want. i can hang out with them all the time, and it's just so invigorating and enjoyable and i'm home. we can sit in the coffeeshop and talk about random stuff, we can talk about serious stuff, we can talk about anything. i don't know how it got this way these last three and a half years, how i got lucky enough to meet all the people i've met, and become friends with them, but i'm absolutely grateful that i did.
i love being home. instead of being alone with all my wrongs, i'm finally at home, with my roomies, with all that's...not wrong, since i'm here and not elsewhere. :)

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

i had a midterm today...then i went to lunch. i was sitting alone, just kind of daydreaming, when all of a sudden one of my friends walks up to me and proposes we go out and get beer. right then. at 12:30 in the afternoon.

that's got to be one of the most random and amusing things i've ever done.
i can still hear all those angels crying
i heard them saying
they told me to tell you something baby

(God bless "one man show" by Tidewater Grain. awesome song. awesome band. they deserved so many more props than they ever got.)
this friday night is going to be the most awesome night ever...going to the north side for a Do Something Stupid Day with my Supportive Gay Friend. i haven't done that in forever, and we both just really, really, really need that. i've had so little time to just sit around, or go out, and talk to him about stuff. it never really matters if it's significant Stuff or goofy stuff or just whatever, but it's so much fun to hang out with him and chat with him. he truly is my best friend--i can tell him anything, i can let my guard down, we've been through so much crap together, and just always come out of it, often laughing.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

a few random thoughts...

-"happier" by guster is an awesome song.
-i don't care about school right now. i just want to sleep, hang out, and the like. bad state of mind for midterms week... is so addictive it's not even funny.
-i want to go to the Disonic concert on thursday. Disonic is amazing.

Monday, February 02, 2004

i'm posting like a madwoman on perjuries. this makes me insane, probably, but it's so addictive...
am i about to show my face to the world, or has everyone already seen it, and i'm just too frightened to admit it?

the answer will become apparent soon enough. either way, i'm probably insane, but it also might be worth it. i'm taking a risk, it's a risk i need to take or else i'll be hiding in this for even longer.

and, hiding sucks.
and when i see you
i get that awkward feeling
i'd rather kill myself than see the way you're living without me

Sunday, February 01, 2004

i'm back from dubuque with my psyche intact! it's beautiful...i didn't suck this weekend. i got to participate in three out of four rounds, i played three different witnesses (Boyd, the team owner, in the first round, Bivens, the cop, in the third, and Baptiste, the referee, in the fourth.) i hadn't done bivens for months, and i still nailed it. our team looked really smooth and really good, we were at the top of our game, and we went 5-2-1. we still have a boatload of stuff to improve on...i still have a boatload of work to do, but it was finally an inkling of how good the team really is.

for no particular reason, here are some snapshots from the weekend...

-"indoor pool!" (seen in the word balloon emanating from a moose...on a billboard...for the Stoney Creek Inn in Galena.)
-avoid poopsie's. (i don't even know what poopsie's is, i assume it's some store in Galena, but we were all afraid it was a restaurant. and the logo is gross.)
-Saint John the Hockey Ref is apparently texan, despite the fact he's canadian. (Kansas's Jean-Marie Baptiste pronounced his name John Baptist, and he played the texan cattle-rancher type. it was most amusing.)
-apparently, JP Boyd needs to verify the referee's lack of bias. (when i was playing Boyd, the team owner, i was actually crossed on what the ref's interest in the trial was. it was really dumb.)
-The Big Boy Toy Show sign:
-"this warrants a picture."-Eric
-"no, this warrants theft."-nicky
-apparently, this event is sponsored by our friends at Family Beer and Liquor.
-apparently, according to wilmington's dr. carver, memos are not in the normal course of business at hospitals, and memos asking doctors to resign are put on car windshields.
-"i'm in SASA. i'm proud of my south asian culture, but certain people just need to die."-Arif (on that aforementioned dr. carver.)
-the Bar Night Witness Lineup rules! (there were three of us that always went to bar night on wednesday nights last year and drank...the three of us comprised the witness lineup in third round against Wash U.)
-what if a player pulled out a gun on the ice? what if someone put a bomb on the ice? wouldn't you call the police? (one of Wash U's lines of cross against our prosecution Baptiste.)
-i'm Brad Daugherty to Cornelius' Mark Price. (this is what happens when you compare mock trial to NBA Jam.)
-Team Tinker...i love all of you! this weekend rocked!