Tuesday, January 06, 2004

what the heck? i was online last night, and i find out that, wham, out of nowhere, my guitarist and my drummer are leaving my band...leaving really only my bassist and me, that means we've pretty much broken up. it's weird...i expected myself to be absolutely crushed, but i'm not. i'm a little pissed off that it was so random, so out of nowhere, but i don't think it's the end of the world. i'm kinda excited about looking for new possibilities...it's a possibility i may stick with my bassist, but i really don't know. i like jamming with him, but i also would love to try out a punk or metal project...and i know he wouldn't be up for that at all. i'm also thinking i'd love to join a band that does originals, so i can write lyrics and stuff...he wants to eventually do them, but start as a cover band. he's also a lot more inclined toward classic rock stuff...it's kinda fun, but i'd be a liar to say i don't want to try the heavier, newer stuff, given that that's what i sing. i don't know...we'll see what happens with all of this. it sucks, but it's not insurmountable...i want to keep singing, and maybe even find a band that's more towards what i listen to. i was, to be honest, getting a smidge frustrated with my current band...it was still fun, but i think i'm a lot more excited about finding a new band than i am sad that my current one broke up.

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