Friday, January 16, 2004

this weekend is going to be awesome. i'm seeing Inept tonight. (my tenth show of theirs...i love those guys so much!) i haven't seen them in almost a month (since december 18th), so it's going to be so sweet. lots of people i know are going to be there, so it's just going to be one big inept fan party, and they're releasing their new CD. i've actually heard all the songs on it, they were posted online yesterday...they're super. especially beyond the's the song they've been starting their concerts with since about october, and it gets me going absolutely nuts every time i hear it.

after the show (i've got to leave a bit early...i get to see all of inept's set, but i can't see stripping the pistol or hang out with everyone after the show), i've gotta rush back to hyde park--i've got a mock trial tournament this weekend. :) we're leaving at 10, since it's only up in waukegan, about an hour north of here. it'll be fun...i've been doing nothing but trying to memorize mock trial stuff the last week and a half or so, but it's all good...i know it pretty well, especially given the short time and the team shuffling. also...tournaments are just plain fun. i get to hang out, do mock trial, be with my friends, drink beer, play poker...just be happy.

speaking of poker...i am awesome. i was in a 51 person texas hold 'em tourney last night with the poker club, and i came in second. that means i got $120 just for hanging out and playing cards for six hours. man, i wish i was good enough to play poker for a living...that would be a pretty sweet job.

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