Saturday, January 24, 2004

last night was fun...just sort of sat around, hung out, drank a few beers, and went to sleep. it's probably a good alcohol tolerance is going way down, i haven't been drinking very often recently. four drinks, and i was a happy sleepy nicky catching z's on my friend's couch. it used to be (like, last quarter) that four drinks didn't do jack crap to me.

so hooked on poker...i'm playing another texas hold 'em tourney this afternoon. :) that game rocks. after that i'm going to my friend's name day party, which should also be fun. most of my friends are going to's out in the burbs at her house, and her family is making lots of food. they're such good cooks, it's going to be yummy. it's probably going to be kind of's both her and her dad's name day, so i think we're all going to be over to hang out with her, and then her parents' friends will be over to hang out with her father. need to pick out a cute outfit for this...

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