Wednesday, January 21, 2004

i'm marginally functional today. this is a good thing. i went to my 9:30 am class and everything, and i think i may have even shaken out of that funk from this weekend...after being on the verge of tears for two or three days on end, i'm not just about to cry today. it's a wonderful thing...hopefully it means i'll be able to gain the wherewithal to get my mock trial act together, and get other things together too.

here's hoping.

for now, though, i've gotta go to work and bore myself crazy for a few hours. then i've got to go to conlaw discussion. after that, though, who knows? maybe i'll go out tonight, because boys town is calling my name. either that, or i'll stay in, goof on the old guitar, and go to bed early. that's calling my name too.

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