Saturday, January 10, 2004

i swore so long ago that this was going to be one of those "literary" blogs, one of those that wasn't going to degrade into me just ranting about my problems, about what's on my mind.

that just can't happen, i realised that long ago. not only is this a wonderful way for me to just rant and rant and rant without repercussions, there's also the small matter that the vast majority of what i write stems from...ranting about things i hate about myself and the world around me. poetry, prose, letters, journals...that's when i'm most inspired to pick up a pen and write. if i'm happy, what's the point--there's nothing to really work through. writing, on the other hand, is like therapy...but it's a lot cheaper, i don't have to deal with strangers, and i don't have to turn my back on my deep-seated opposition to seeing a shrink. i win either way.

so, be it rants about my day, lines of song lyrics i compose (to varying degrees of coherence), or song lyrics i quote from's still my blog, and i can rant when i want to. i can't even be pretentious if i try.

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