Monday, January 26, 2004

i love dumb criminal stories. this one's a total hoot...i found it on it's inspired.

Would-be thieves get to listen to 'Cops' theme

Columbus, Ohio Police have added a musical twist to the booby-trapped car they leave out to entice would-be thieves.

The city's so-called "bait car" is now rigged to play the theme from the television show "Cops" when officers remotely disable the engine and nab the crooks.

A videotape recently shot on the car's hidden cameras shows a man hopping in the driver's seat and muttering to himself, "I got me a good one."

He drives a short distance before an officer monitoring the situation from a remote location flips a switch that disables the engine and locks the door. Then, the car's tape player can be heard blaring the reggae-inflected tune from the television show's opening credits:

"Bad boys, bad boys/Whatcha gonna do/Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?"

The bait car in Columbus has caught 10 thieves in two days of use last week, Lt. Marie Ballou said.

"We only put it out there once a month or so and for about three days at a time, but it's been effective," Ballou said.

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