Wednesday, January 07, 2004

great...within less than 24 hours, my band AND mock trial decide to fall apart. the band thing is a little easier to move on with...there's no real shortage of people who want to be in bands. mock trial is a LOT harder...there is a shortage of people, and it's such a drawn out process picking teams. so, today just sort of randomly turned into a "condense-four-shorthanded-teams-into-three-full-ones" meeting. the good news is, the a-team is going to be pretty freaking amazing. the bad news is...i'm on it. :( what i REALLY wanted was to be a double-sided witness on the b-team (because i really want to do two roles--i HATE sitting out rounds), but if i did that, the a-team would have had to take on a single witness that was really not good enough to be on an i bit the bullet and moved up for a single witness spot there. i know it was for the good of the team, but i'm still going to be so sad, sitting out half the rounds. i don't know...i know it will all work out, but i'm still just stunned that we had to restack teams AGAIN tonight, and i'm a little sad that it's my fourth year, my last on mock trial, and i'm only going to be on one side. oh well...i should whine less and just deal with it, because i do know what i did was the best for everyone.

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