Tuesday, December 16, 2003

total non sequitur...i was clicking on random blogs on the "recently updated" list, and one guy was doing his year in review stuff, a list of CD's or something. i don't want to think about a "year in review". i don't want to think this year's almost over, it's gone by too fast. then again, maybe it'll be good when this year ends because i can at least feign a new start. maybe it won't all be feigning...i've changed a lot from the beginning of 2003 until now, things around me have changed, people have entered my life, people have exited my life, and i've found and pursued new passions. i think year in review lists are kind of silly, but i'd be a liar to say they're not fun to read. maybe this blog will feature a few lists, or a few rants (like this one...ugh), or something to commemorate the year that was and to ring in the year that's about to...set in.

but i refuse to think that the new year's about to set in. i still have two weeks, darn it.

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