Wednesday, December 03, 2003

tonight's senior night at the pub. i should be looking forward to it: a night at the pub with a bunch of my friends. karaoke. beer. but, i don't know...i'm not really dreading it, but i'm not really looking forward to it either. i'm a little bummed because i'm missing the shooting blanks concert, even though i can't explain why...i enjoy shooting blanks and the symptoms, it's fun punk rock, but they're not my favourite bands in the world. (i'd also probably be walking right into a trap if i went there, but that's another story.) i'm not having any sort of falling out with my friends who i'm supposed to meet there...quite the contrary, things are going really well with them, and they're just being there for me during this time of my insanity and frustration. i'm also really not up for drinking, or drinking very much's the theory that a sad drunk is still just as sad, if not more so. you can't drink to forget, and it even makes you sadder. even if it is a night out with my friends--including one of my closest friends, who's taking a leave of absence this quarter and actually is in town just to visit everyone here (he's leaving tomorrow), i really don't know how much of a mood i'm in to spend tonight in a pub. i guess, at least there's karaoke...and singing in front of people always includes my mood...if only for a while...

i'm just not having a good day.

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