Tuesday, December 09, 2003

three and a half pages written. my head tells me i'm screwed, but i just don't feel screwed yet. i'm just writing...and procrastinating...and writing...and procrastinating. at least i've secured one of the windows machines, which means i won't be kicked out of the maclab at 1am...which means i can stay in this little corner of the library until my entire paper gets written...until tomorrow afternoon, most likely. tonight's going to suck, but i can't much complain because it's going to be my only all-nighter (or, my only non-amusement-and-debauchery-related all-nighter) of the quarter.

...and my stat final is done. it was easy, but my calculator decided to break down in the middle of it. eh well...at least one of the profs had an extra one i could borrow. thank goodness. (and now my calculator is fixed, because Seamus is officially The Man. God bless Seamus.)

alright...less rant, more U.S. Congress paper. ugh.

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