Saturday, December 13, 2003

this has been a really crazy week. finals week is usually crazy, and getting all my finals done this week was indeed crazy, but i'm thinking more for a good reason, a really good reason. it's so weird...i've been so...voraciously single, so adamantly single since May. i haven't met anyone i've wanted a relationship with, and i haven't really wanted a relationship in the first place. now, though, it's looking as though i'm facing a relationship head-on...and i like it. i've only known him for about a week (i met him at the Inept show last weekend...hence all the random references in my blog over just the past week to being really mushy...), but we get along so well, and we had the most amazing time on thursday night. he's sweet, and adorable, and cute, and open...he just rocks. i'm probably going to be seeing him again today, which i'm really, really excited about! i really don't know how to explain it, i've been the adamant, flirtatious, silly, single-or-bust girl for the last seven months now, and now...bam. being single was a blast, but so is this. :)

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