Monday, December 01, 2003

lesson of the day: it's hard to find the right people for a band. anyone who is in a band who's intact, complete, and not having trouble finding personnel is in a position that i envy to no end right about now.

we've got four members who seem to be clicking really well...our drummer, our lead guitar player, our bassist, and myself (i'm the singer). the three of them have been playing together for a year or so, i've been in the band since about early september. we've gone through two rhythm guitarists since then, both of them having been extremely adept at things like skipping practice and not learning their parts. not so good. then, we have our keyboardist, who comes to practice, but never practices his stuff outside practice, and therefore does not know his parts. in one of our songs, i not only have to sing, but i have to play air keyboard to tell him when to come in and to tell him what rhythm to play. i know his part better than he does, and i'm not even the keyboard player. it gets so frustrating. so, we're back to looking for a rhythm guitarist, and back to looking for a keyboard player. hopefully we'll find the right people, people who will work on the music, people we can get along we don't have to be continuously going back to square one, so we can progress and get better and know more songs and play live. my bassist and i are going to be looking at musician boards and stuff, and i think i'm going to post some signs around school.

and, if you're a guitarist or a keyboard player, and you live in chicago, and you're reading my blog for some reason, drop me an email. you should join my band. :)

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