Friday, December 26, 2003

i'm so ready for the holidays to be over. i still absolutely hate holidays, they're a lot more stress and argument than they're worth. for example, dinner tonight. my aunt spent all day in the kitchen making dinner, and i appreciate that. but, i just had way too much food on my plate. i ate until i was full. that only happened to be half the plate...and she got passive-aggressive about it. she was insulted, and i'm pretty insulted that she was insulted. it's not as if i was ungrateful about the dinner, i just wasn't able to eat a heaping large plate of food. i ate about half of everything, i ate a reasonable sized meal. i just didn't stuff myself so full that i had to be rolled away from the table, and that made her mad. i don't know what to say or do...i'm just ignoring it and moving on.

that was annoying, but not as deeply worrying as something else about today. there were several presents under the tree from Pure Evil that i guess had come in the mail. i didn't give it anything for christmas, and i was hoping it wouldn't give me anything. now, i don't know how to respond. i don't know what the etiquette is for if i acknowledge it or not, especially given that we are decidedly Not Talking. i don't want to talk to it, and i don't want to encourage it to give me any more gifts, ever. it feels like such a manipulative gesture when we just had a shouting match a few weeks ago, when i told it that i have nothing to say to it and that i don't feel comfortable talking to it. (i know, this response doesn't sound full of holiday cheer or goodwill, but neither is my father or any dealings with my father!) what do i do here? i don't have the foggiest.

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