Monday, December 08, 2003

i'm getting somewhere on that paper...i'm reading through congressional hearing testimony. i'm writing about a bill (a bill that failed, THANK GOD!) that would have made it illegal to take a minor over state lines for an abortion to evade parental consent laws. it's so depressing reading all of these people's testimony supporting that bill. i don't think there should be parental consent or notification laws at all...if a minor wants to tell their parents, if they have an open enough relationship to tell their parents, then they will and they should. but, if not, they shouldn't have a random, imposing judge be their only option for exercising their right to an abortion. (i've never been pregnant, but if i had been pregnant as a teenager, i don't know if i'd have been able to tell my parents or not. i may or may not have been able to tell my mother, and i sure as all get out would not have been able to tell my father about it!) this bill won't even let them go with another family member, a counselor, a religious leader, or another trusted adult to get an abortion. the people who favoured that bill kept talking about how kids need to tell their parents, and about how there are such risks with getting an abortion. sure, getting an abortion probably sucks. a lot. still, like getting pregnant at the age of sixteen would not suck? like that would not be risky? either way, there will be lifelong repercussions by getting pregnant. i see this law leaving kids who can't talk to their parents with two options: screw up their lives by forcing them to have a kid they may not want or be able to care for, or screw up their lives by forcing them to sneak over to another state or sneak out for a back alley abortion. she couldn't win.

like i said, thank goodness this law failed. still, i'm getting so pissed off reading this testimony from all of these clueless people. it's depressing as all get out.

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