Tuesday, December 09, 2003

i got up maybe twenty minutes ago, and i'm supposed to have gone to the library by now. not so much...i'm still home. the good news is, i've got a title for my paper:

Any Question In My Head Remains Until You Feel The Same:
Gridlock, the 105th Congress, and the Child Custody Protection Act

i wanted some kind of random music reference that no one would get...and i think this fits the bill. yay for random finger eleven quotes that relate at least obliquely to the paper that i'm writing. :) happy me.

i also have a theoretical framework for my paper, i was reading some stuff about gridlock theory and found out that the theory only makes partial sense in relation to my bill and what happened to it. therefore, i've got something to go to town on, which is good 'cause this is a 25 page paper and i really do need to find as much as i can to write a lot about.

and despite all these grandiose ideas, am i actually writing my paper? no. i'm at home, chatting online, with the person who has become the bane of my productivity...and the source of my silly giddiness...darn me for meeting a cute, sweet, funny guy at the inept show this weekend, right before finals week and all!! :-D

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