Thursday, December 04, 2003

had a painful conversation with my aunt today, right in the middle of work. she called me on my cell...i was sitting at a computer, and i decided i'd rather talk to her than, well, work. i needed to work some stuff out, talk to her about my father's failure to fill out financial aid forms, so it was a necessary conversation. all in all, it also showed what a good person she matter how much i complain about things she does sometimes, or how she perceives me, or how deep into the whole shrink thing she is, the fact remains that she's there for me, that she's a good person. still, talking about the issue of my father is a painful thing, and it didn't help having my mother chortling in the background about how i need to stay in contact with my father and get along with my father and go see my father--i don't have to see that man if i don't want to. i also think i finally told my aunt once and for all that i'm not going to law school next year...i told her this on several occasions before, but i finally broke it down into the naked truth--i.e., i'm sick of school and having a hard enough time slogging through this year. she's disappointed, i know, but she's just going to have to deal.

that was fragmented, that made no sense, but i just had to rant about it somewhere. that somewhere is my blog, because blogging about my family problems means i'm not writing the papers that i have to write for tomorrow.

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