Thursday, December 04, 2003

coupling up. one month anniversary. one year anniversary. engagement. over the last week or two, various couples of my friends have gone through all of these things. they're extolling the virtues of being in relationships. i don't completely feel like a black sheep for being single, but in my circle, we single people are becoming a dying breed.

is it okay not to even want to be in a relationship right now? i don't want anything long and committed, i don't even want anything short-term. the truth of the matter is, a relationship means an emotional tie. i'm not ready for that, i don't have the time, inclination, or energy for it. i'm not still recovering from my relationship with my ex with whom i broke up in May (okay, that recovery took two weeks, tops!), but i still have no desire to risk falling in over my head in a relationship and the requisite planning.

i don't want to fall in love. i don't want that cutesy crap. i want to flirt with everyone in sight. i want to play the field. i want to be the person your parents warned you about, the sultry seductress. i want a warm body to have some fun with and sleep next to every so often...i have divorced sex and love, and i find one-night trysts to be a lot of fun. i want to run wild with my animal attractions and my crazy nature.

maybe i'll be up for the whole relationship thing one day, but that day isn't today. 21 is too young for that, for me.

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