Wednesday, November 19, 2003

why does absolutely EVERYTHING have to be happening on the same day! i wish that just for a day (specifically, december the 6th!), i could copy myself. one of these particular me's would go see inept, reforma, the blank theory, no one, and stripping the pistol at the metro, and then go down to the double door to see escape from earth. the other me would go on the ratbag hero bus ride...see the pre-party-show at the bakery (hehe...shakes head and giggles...), and then go out to the 'burbs to see the ratbag boys play.

either that, or i wish one or the other of these events were on a different night so i could do all of this. wow, it really sucks when everyone plays the same night!

eh least i'm seeing ratbag tomorrow! (my first legit 21+ show, since today's my 21st birthday! yay for me!) i heart ratbag hero!

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