Sunday, November 23, 2003

well...ix-nay on the one below nothing show. :( that's kind of a bummer, 'cause i really wanted to see them tomorrow, but it turns out that even though we practiced today, my band is practicing again tomorrow. i'm a bit sad that i'm missing the show, but band practice is always a blast, and it's especially great because i get to help make the rock and roll as opposed to seeing and hearing the rock and roll. we got some stuff done today, but it was mainly only the songs we have keys on, because our keyboardist was here today--and our new guitarist ditched practice today. hopefully he'll show tomorrow--our keyboardist isn't going to be able to make it, so we'll get to do the really guitar intensive stuff. as long as my voice isn't dead from practice today, it'll be great because a lot of the songs we'll do tomorrow involve me screaming my head off. screaming my head off is lots of fun, lots and lots of fun! :)

...and eventually i will get to see one below nothing again. it's been forever, it's been since mid-october. yay screamfest...that was such a sweet show, seven bands playing an all day shindig in a random person's front yard. it was the essence of local music. bands just rocking out where they were. hardcore fans. (the show wasn't very well promoted, so the only people who really heard about it were people who knew members of some of the bands). really fun people. really good music.

i probably think and talk about music too much. still, it's what i like. it's one of my homes...i'm at home with my friends, my mock, and my music. concerts, band practice, even just a tape player or a CD's one big sanctuary, where i can be in touch with my emotions, where i can commune with my inner self and the way different pieces of music touch and shape and mold and support my inner self.

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