Monday, November 24, 2003

they need to post lyrics on reforma's website. that would make me really happy. then i'd know a lot more of the lyrics than i do now, which would be a wonderful thing because i really want to sing along whenever i listen to them. their melodies are so cool and so catchy.

(alright, end random thoughts that pop into my head when my mp3 player starts playing "beginnings of a conversation".)

i can't decide if i'm having a good day or a bad day. it's awful in the sense that i know i have to go yell at the financial aid office and that i have to go to my US Congress class that i haven't been to in a week and a half and that i have to go to the reg and get some work done on that horrid US Congress paper that i don't want to write. it's bad because i have to deal with school stuff. i hate school.

it's also a bit bad because my throat hurts today. :( i probably blew it out during intense band practices the last two days. still,'ll go away by later today or tomorrow, and it'll be all good...and i love love love band practice.

it's good because i've been spending all day just sitting around and listening to tunes. there's an awesome live version of "absent elements" by finger eleven (yes, that song is the namesake for this website domain...i'm such a music geek!) on the DVD that came with finger eleven's selftitled album. i watched that this morning. i've also been listening to random stuff as i surf the web and post on all of the message boards for bands i listen to. i love my playlist...i can't wait until i can use my minidisc player so i can take my playlist with me. that will be the greatest thing ever. it's also good because i have bowling league's the last night, and my team is in the losers bracket, but's bowling. bowling is fun.

and...less than two weeks until Inept, Reforma, and The Blank Theory are all playing the Metro...and then Escape from Earth is playing the Double Door...happy me. (well, a little bit not so happy me because the ratbag hero bus trip/day full of punk rock is also the same day, and i'm really bummed that i'm missing that show, but i'll live...and there will be plenty more times for me to annoy the crap out of--and act like a total idiot with--my favourite chicago punk rockers.)

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