Saturday, November 22, 2003

random reflections on what could possibly be the most absurd night of my life...or, the most absurd night barring the other times that i've been to ratbag hero concerts.

--walking around the south side of chicago while drunk is probably a dumb idea, but it didn't seem so dumb at the time. sure, it's a long walk from 45th and washtenaw to 32nd and racine, and those (brighton park...bridgeport...whatever's in between...) probably aren't the best neighbourhoods to be walking through at three in the morning, but you've gotta admit that it's a funny story. it's an offbeat badge of honour to have done that...i'm strangely proud.

--corollary: it's amusing when two random guys standing on 31st street in bridgeport start randomly handing you beers, raving to the lead singer of your favourite punk band about having seen an article about them in the paper, and hurling nonsensical insults about that really bad cover band you saw play after your favourite punk band earlier that evening. it's also really funny when there becomes an accidental congregation of six or eight drunk people on said location on 31st street talking about absolutely nothing in particular.

--sometimes jerks rock, as long as they're fun jerks. they dish it out, but you can dish it right back out at them without the slightest bit of remorse or inhibition. they let you, well, be a jerk right back.

--i can never figure out where to draw the line between coy and ditzy. either i'm so not-coy than any attempts at being coy are lost on the target, or i try to be so coy and coquettish that i turn into pabulum. i need to find a balance. i definitely don't know where that balance is, although i crossed into huge freaking ditz so many times last night as for it to be pathetic.

--at this point in my life, i'm most definitely playing for fun. if you're thinking about tomorrow, or thinking about the ramifications of what you do today on tomorrow, go away. i don't have the time or the inclination for it right now. you can't take away my right to be stupid.

--corollary: i'm still a manipulative wench. this is even more apparent now than it was after last weekend.

--it's absurd, and quite funny, when one guy buys you a drink at the behest of the guy you're actually at the bar to hang out with.

--next time i ever write out setlists for a band (that's not mine), i'll definitely throw in a song that they don't know. i should have pulled that trick last night, it would have been really funny to see.

--i love punk rock.

--ratbag hero rocks.

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