Wednesday, November 26, 2003

my good mood has died. the more i do to be productive, the more i have to do. my father has screwed me over more than he will ever know by not yet filling out two stupid financial aid forms for this year, and now i have to go back and cover his tracks, and probably put myself into more debt because of it. it also means getting my aunt to cosign on said debt, which is going to be a humiliating and difficult task in itself. this was supposed to be the year that everything worked out. not so much. it's instead the year that everything is working out worse than it has in the last three combined. it's even more depressing because it's a lot of money to get a piece of paper that a really want to have, even though i can hardly deal with the process of finishing my degree, even though it's hardly worth being in school otherwise.

at least it's my last year of college. at least it's my last time having to go through this stuff.

what i need to do is bite the bullet and send a long honking email to my aunt about this entire situation, and then i need to go out for the night. i'm a little bummed because there's no feasable way to do what i wanted to do tonight--i wanted to go to the ADD concert tonight, but it's out in lansing, and it's late at night, and it's so far from the metra that metra is not going to be an option. since none of my friends with cars would be caught dead at an ADD show (they just don't like that kind of music), i'm sore out of luck. i need to find a concert or a bar or something to go to tonight. i could find a friend to go out with, or i could foray alone into the nightlife as i am usually wont to do, it really doesn't matter. i probably should lie low and clean my room, but i need to get out of here.

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