Wednesday, November 12, 2003

i wrote a good portion of a song this afternoon...i wrote lyrics to verses in class today, and i set them to music. it's about a flower, or being in a flower, or something like that. the scary thing is, i've been channeling the spirits of Ben Folds and Phoebe from Friends...the lyrics are scattered and random, and the music is mellow as all get out. still, i have the feeling, that if i make an interesting chorus, and maybe a bridge, that it would be a good song. still, i don't see it as something i could take to my band, i see it as more of me sitting there with a guitar. then again, it could definitely be reworked, maybe i do want the chorus to kick in nice and loud, and even the verses to be a bit less moseying and delicate. in other words, it needs some work, but i think i'm going somewhere.

it's not blue arms and meaningless sex, which is something that will be addressed when i have something much heavier in my head, but it's definitely random and weird and cool.

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