Saturday, November 29, 2003

i went to go see the burbanks, charleston dueling society, and private joker up at the fantasy lounge...awesome show. so much punk rock awesomeness and energy, it just made me happy and excited. it was a beautiful, wonderful escape from everything i've been ranting about lately. there are reasons i go to shows, just to bask in the wonderful music and the camaraderie between fans and musicians and everyone there, and it was in full force tonight. happy me.

the only thing i feel the least bit annoyed with right now is the 55 garfield bus...i waited for 45 minutes for that silly thing, in the freezing cold, at 2:30 this morning! see, the concert was at the fantasy lounge--at the corner of montrose and elston. it's really easy to get to during the early evening when all the buses are running--and not so easy to get home from at 1 in the morning when all the buses have stopped. the good news is, i figured out that there was a blue line stop near irving park and pulaski, so i could take the blue line to the red line. then, i got off the red line at 55th street (the stop is in a really sketch part of town, and it's freezing cold to boot because it's on an overpass above the dan ryan). the bus just wouldn't come! at least it finally did, though...and it was a lot warmer and less windy on the walk home from the bus, since it wasn't on a stinking overpass!

okay, end public transit rant. stuff like that is a small price to pay to go see an awesome rock show. :)

that's really about all that happened of consequence today...i spent most of my day either sitting at home and reading silly books, or sitting at restaurants or coffeehouses, sipping coffee, and reading silly books. today was a sanity day for me. i know i'll have to deal with real life again tomorrow, with planning things, with figuring out when and how i'm going to write that stupid poli-sci paper, with when i'm going to deal with my relatives, but not today. today was my day to just be me, and what a wonderful sanity day it was.

this is the best i've felt in a while.

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