Wednesday, November 12, 2003

i said too much. i didn't say enough. i can't decide. either way, jaylynne is dead, at least for now. if you don't know who she is, count yourself lucky. if you know who she is, it was never quite fair that she was a separate entity, she was a tight black mesh curtain behind which i hid. i still hide some of it. i've shown a few pieces.

maybe one day i can wake up and say that i am jaylynne, that jaylynne is me, that we are one and the same, and that i don't keep any secrets about myself from anyone. that day isn't quite here yet, but i have acknowledged that it's a pointless thing to separate my life (under a pseudonym) and at least snippets of my art. it needs to be one and the same, since what i write about comes invariably from what i think, feel, and do.

i still don't know how often i'm going to write in this, but hopefully more often, since i do feel more grounded when more of my thoughts are in one place, and not scribbled on sheets of paper shoved in my shoulder bag or shoved within the pages of my little black binder. still, any of my musings, anything that i'll tell anyone, any of my snippets of song lyrics to write, will probably end up in here.

it's good to have a starting point.

it's good to have one name.

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