Wednesday, November 12, 2003

i need to write something about blue arms and meaningless sex. i have had random thoughts about that all day, and i need to feel inspired, together, and alone enough to actually pick up my guitar and write a song about it. i have a line here, a line there in my head, but i can't really DO anything about it until i have a tune. i won't have a tune until i can plug in my guitar and play it, which can't be right now because all my roommates are sleeping, and i really don't have anything musically in my head except for that tritone power chord riff. it's cool, and i think i'm going to meld it with some twelve bar blues and come up with another song, but i see it being the backing for something a lot more straightforward, something a lot more hit-you-in-the-face than, well, blue arms and meaningless sex.

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