Sunday, November 23, 2003

i hate computers. i got this cute minidisc player yesterday so i can run around and listen to all of my awesome music wherever i go. but, my computer needs an update. i won't be able to get the update unless i find someone with said update. i bid on it on ebay...there are three days left in the auction, hopefully no one will outbid me, because then i'll get the CD and be able to use my minidisc player on my computer. from here on out, i'm going to see if i can load the program on a computer lab computer and burn stuff that way. i'm going to try doing that after mock trial and before band practice today, or maybe try doing it sometime tomorrow if there's no time for that today...aaargh. i want to use my minidisc player! my CD player went kaput, i'm so sick of using my tape player that only has the radio (yuck) and tapes. i have so few tapes. i have one tape that i keep listening's a mix tape i made a couple weeks ago, and it's the greatest mix tape ever, but i still want more than just that rotation. it being the greatest mix tape ever, though, i'm going to subject you to the tracklisting just because i can. :)

"this sucks! my CD player's busted!" mix--11.6.03

"It's A Stick-Up" by Dead Man Holiday (i made this tape to take to a mock trial tournament, and this song is my mock trial mojo song. it gets me so freaking hyper!)
"These Days" by Inept
"Rain Song" by Cold
"My Immortal" by Evanescence
"Sad Exchange" by Finger Eleven
"One Thing" by Escape from Earth
"Shell" by Memento
"Spin" by Revis
"I Will Find A Way" by Reforma
"Get Over" by The Marvelous 3
"Schizome" by No Fate
"Enemy" by Eve 6
"Bottled" by Dysception
"Cook County Sheriff" by Ratbag Hero
"Get It Faster" by Jimmy Eat World (that's been my mojo song the last two seasons of mock)
"Omaha" by Counting Crows
"Get Famous" by Kill Hannah
"A Letter" by One Step Behind
"King of New Orleans" by Better Than Ezra
"2x4" by Wesley Willis

those are all such awesome songs. still, i'd love to have a rotation of more than about 20 songs, which i will finally have when i can burn my minidiscs.

on another topic, i need to find more shows to go to, or at least promote after, this week. i was going to do some hardcore promoting for reforma at north beach today at the one below nothing show, but i can't go. i think the reason i'm saddest that i can't go to this show is that i told damon that i'd promote reforma there, and now i can't go. poor guy, he's all worried that since he's out of town for the week that it's lost time promoting. sure, he's out of town, but there are definitely people on the ground here in chicago still getting the word out about that show. i'll definitely do some promoting this week...i'll find a show on wednesday to go to (monday's out probably because of bowling league, maybe i can find a show to show up at the end of...tuesday's out because of mock.), and then friday i'm going to the burbanks' show, and i'll pass out flyers there. who knows how much of a success that may or may not be, it seems like there are two pretty different scenes, the rock scene and the punk scene. there's still a bit of a crossover, though...some cross-promoting...heck, i heard of ratbag hero because i went to the evil beaver show that was brought to my attention by a flyer given to me at a show featuring escape from earth, empyrean, dead man holiday, and inept.'ll be happy. i'll hit the streets, and hopefully lots of people will come to that show.

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