Saturday, November 22, 2003

happy below nothing concert tomorrow. :) it was so cute, their lead singer sent me an email this morning to remind me about the show. he gets a cookie. and, since my band is practicing today and not tomorrow, i can go! it'll mean trucking it out all the way to downers grove, but that's not so bad at all. i'll bring some reading for school to do on the train(or just write song lyrics, i seem to be better at that anyway!), it'll be all good. yay one below nothing!

it should be a weekday today. since i partied my head off on wednesday and thursday, and then yesterday was a lot calmer (i.e., i actually went to class, went to work, and then went to a movie screening for class. and then i went to bed early.) well, i'm not complaining that it's not a school day--i'm going up to the north side to spend my birthday money. i've got a barnes and noble gift certificate, and then i also want to go to best buy and buy a CD player since i'm going NUTS just listening to tapes and the radio especially sucks because i usually end up flipping between q101 and the zone in a futile quest to hear either "numb" by linkin park or "i hate (everything about you)" by three days grace. i was going to try and save up for an iPod (birthday and christmas money), but my computer doesn't have a new enough operating system to run iTunes, and i'm not going to buy more RAM for this piece of crap computer that's probably going to go kaput soon enough anyway. so, a new CD player it is.

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